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Studying at Bond

Let's start with a quick explainer: How does Australia's education system work?

Australia's education system ranks in the Top 10 worldwide.

While the education system varies slightly from state to state, Australian children generally complete 13 years of schooling – from Prep (sometimes called Kindy or Kindergarten) to Year 6 in Primary School and Year 7 to 12 in Secondary/High School.

At the end of Year 12, they will sit their final exams. Students hoping to go to university will generally receive an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) between 0 and 99.95.

The tertiary education system is made up of vocational training, delivered by TAFE and specialist private colleges, and undergraduate and postgraduate (graduate) degrees, delivered by public and private universities.

From California to Bond University

Dane's story

By 22, Dane Del Deo had completed a university degree, directed the relaunch of an iconic piece of telecommunication history and was already making a mark in Hollywood. Dane’s journey to carving out a career in filmmaking spans two continents, from Santa Barbara to the Gold Coast and back to Southern California.


Advice from our alumni

  • Bond alumna

    A solid curriculum coupled with the opportunity to be involved in clubs/groups that gave an all round education was extremely valuable in the real world - a great career is much more than just having strong academics, but also requires relationship management, presentation skills and networking.

    Alyce Garrett - Chief Financial Officer, APM Terminals Elizabeth
  • Bond alumna

    The network and friendships that I’ve built throughout my time at Bond remain one of the greatest assets throughout my professional and personal life. Not only with my peers, but with my teachers as well. I’ve made some of my best friends while studying at Bond, where I still meet up with them all over the world.

    Destiny Flaherty - SEO Manager, Periscope
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"It opened my perspective of how I approach work, and how big I could dream. It also gave me the skillset I needed to hustle for those dreams."

- Katie Frederick
Founder, Digital Wing

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