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All about Australia

Australia is the perfect country to combine travel and study for students of all ages.

Our world-class cities are sophisticated and cosmopolitan. Our climate is warm and sunny almost all year round. We have a multi-cultural society that is tolerant and accepting of all races and religions. And, best of all, we’re a really friendly bunch.

Travelling around, you can experience everything from the vast Outback to our World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef; from surfing beaches to lush rainforests; from Sydney Harbour and the Opera House to historic pubs in quaint country towns.

But perhaps most importantly, our education system is truly world standard. Our universities are recognised internationally and our tertiary qualifications are accepted by employers and other institutions all over the world. 

Quick facts

  • The total area of Australia is 7,682,292 square kilometers (compared to America which is 9,834,000 square kilometers). We are the sixth largest country in area. 
  • Australia has a population of 25 million - we have the lowest population density in the world. 
  • We also have one of the most ethically diverse societies in the world - with over 25% of our population born overseas. 

Safety and healthcare

Australia is a safe country to reside and visit. We are also one of the worlds leading medical nations with excellent medical care available. As a student in Australia, you are required to purchase temporary health insurance for the duration of your stay. You can feel secure knowing you are covered by a top tier health insurance plan. 

Food and drink

Australia is a multicultural society where you can find almost any variety of food. In addition to restaurants in a variety of cuisines, many Australian chefs are renowned for 'fusion' cuisine which brings European cooking styles with Asian flavours. We are blessed with exotic fruit, a huge variety of fish and some of the best beef and lamb in the world. After the Germans, we have the highest per capita beer consumption in the world, including lager, bitter, and stout. Each Australian state have their own principal brewer.