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Personalized International Education in Beautiful Australia

Bond University is Australia’s premier private university with the very best of the best student resources and facilities.

Bond’s three-semesters-a-year timetable allows you to complete a full Bachelor degree in just two years or two years and eight months for a Bachelor of Law (32 subjects). You can also add a Master's degree in one extra year.

Finishing your degree in two years means you will pay much less for tuition, student accommodation and living expenses than you would for four years at an exclusive private university at home. You’ll also be out in the workforce, earning a serious graduate salary, two years earlier.

If that's not enough, here are some more reasons why a degree from Bond will help you stand out:

Explore Our Programs

1   HONOURS extension available – This extra year of undergraduate study has a strong research focus and, in some cases, is a requirement of further research study at the PhD level

2   PROFESSIONAL extension available – This involves completing an additional 20-week Professional Portfolio of either relevant work placement or a supervised research project

3   SPECIALIZATION available – An extra 4 subjects in one of the relevant areas of specialisation

4   Bond’s MEDICAL PROGRAM is comprised of two sequential degrees: Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine. They cannot be taken as separate degrees. Direct entry to the Medical Program is currently only available to Australian and New Zealand citizens. US and Canadian students would need to complete the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Pre-Health Professional major), Master of Occupational Therapy, Doctor of Physiotherapy or Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice to be considered for selection to enter Year 2 of the Bachelor of Medical Studies.

Double Degrees

Minors - Majors - Specializations

With Bond’s flexible study programs, you can tailor any degree to suit your personal interests or career ambitions.

In many degrees, you can choose electives from any Faculty across the university and you can select Majors (6 subjects from one discipline area), Double Majors (12 subjects) Minors (4 subjects) and Specializations (at least 4 subjects in addition to your degree program) from a wide range of discipline areas.

You can also choose Majors, Double Majors and Minors as part of a more broad-based degree such as a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Communication or Bachelor of Health Sciences.

All Minors, Majors and Specializations can be viewed on the relevant degree’s webpage.