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Let's start with a quick explainer: How does Australia's education system work?

Australia's education system ranks in the Top 10 worldwide.

While the education system varies slightly from state to state, Australian children generally complete 13 years of schooling – from Prep (sometimes called Kindy or Kindergarten) to Year 6 in Primary School and Year 7 to 12 in Secondary/High School.

At the end of Year 12, they will sit their final exams. Students hoping to go to university will generally receive an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) between 0 and 99.95.

The tertiary education system is made up of vocational training, delivered by TAFE and specialist private colleges, and undergraduate and postgraduate (graduate) degrees, delivered by public and private universities.

The public TAFE (Technical and Further Education) system delivers Certificate and Diploma level courses for trades such as hospitality, hairdressing, beauty therapy, carpentry, plumbing, etc. These courses are also offered by private registered training organisations (RTOs) which usually specialize in a specific trade.

Universities offer a range of degree qualifications at the undergraduate and graduate (usually referred to as ‘postgraduate’) level.




2 semesters

Graduate Certificate

1 semester


6 semesters

Graduate Diploma

2 semesters

Honours Year

2 semesters


3-4 semesters



6 semesters


Master of Philosophy

Min 2 years

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Min 4 years


Depending on their ATAR ranking, students are eligible to enrol in a full Bachelor degree as soon as they finish secondary school (Year 12). There is no requirement for two years of ‘general education’, as in the USA – students in Australia can specialize in their chosen field as soon as they start their Bachelor degree.

Students who don’t meet the entry requirements for their chosen Bachelor degree can enrol in a Diploma or University pathway program. At Bond University, these are offered on campus by Bond University College.

Pathway programs cover a broad range of general study areas such as Maths, English, Communication and IT. Successful completion will qualify you to enter most Bachelor degree programs at Bond (there are a few exceptions).

Diplomas are more specific to a particular study area – for example. Diploma of Business, Diploma of Legal Studies. The subjects completed as part of a Diploma can then be credited towards a Bachelor degree in that field.

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