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All About Bond

Less than 5,000 students and one of the lowest student-to-staff ratios of any leading university in Australia means that you’ll learn in small, personalized classes where our academics know their students by name.

It also means that every student has access to our state-of-the-art learning and industry technologies – including 3D printers, virtual reality, live data Bloomberg terminals, film studios, medical clinics and much more.

Our campus stretches over 120 acres, with grand sandstone buildings housing student cafes, restaurants, our own bar, swimming pools, gyms and sporting fields - all less than 10 minutes’ drive from the beach, 5 minutes from the Gold Coast’s biggest shopping mall and 20 minutes from the nightlife of Surfers Paradise. 

So come with us on a tour and see what your life could be like living and studying at Bond University on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Where is Bond University?

Bond University is located in the City of Gold Coast in the south-east corner of Queensland.

The closest major city is Brisbane (capital of Queensland state) which is 86kms / 53 miles north of the Gold Coast. Sydney (capital of New South Wales and Australia’s largest city) is 827kms / 513 miles south.

Bond University is a private, not-for-profit university, funded by tuition fees and philanthropic contributions - 100% of which are invested in student teaching and facilities. It was established in 1989 and is recognized by the Queensland Government as a fully independent tertiary institution. 

Why Bond?

Bond has one of the lowest student-to-staff ratios of any university in Australia – 10.3:1. We also have very low student numbers overall – an average of 5,000 at Bond, compared to 60,000+ at Australia’s large public universities.

That’s how Bond can offer a really personalized learning experience in small classes and interactive groups where you’ll get to know people really quickly – including your teachers. They say you’ll know everyone in your class by the end of the first week, and almost everyone on campus by the end of your first semester!

The student body at Bond is a global melting pot. You’ll make friends and meet people from more than 91 countries worldwide and every state of Australia.

Just like the USA, most Australian universities run two semesters per year with a long summer break in between. As a full-time student, it normally takes three years to complete a standard undergraduate Bachelor degree.

At Bond, however, we run three semesters per year, evenly spaced out across the full calendar year. As such, you’ll complete most Bachelor degrees in just two years (– that’s the equivalent of a four-year Bachelor in the US) and a Master’s in 1-2 years.

Click here to learn more about the Australian university system.

Bond University has semesters that align with the Northern Hemisphere school year – with intakes in September, January and May.

This means you can start your degree in September, after the US summer break.






Orientation: Bond Week *

11 January

10 May

6 September

Classes Commence

18 January

17 May

13 September

Semester Ends

24 April

21 August

18 December






Orientation: Bond Week *

10 January

9 May

5 September

Classes Commence

17 January

16 May

12 September

Semester Ends

27 April

20 August

17 December

* All new students must attend Orientation: Bond Week

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